Carpet Industry

APL manufactures a Wide range of High quality application based polymer products that are supplied to our diverse customers from our Roorkee & Dahej ( Sayakha )Plants.

The Polymer Division of ATC offers high performance products for the carpet Industry such as Foaming Agents, Hardners, Acrylic Emulsions for Tufted carpet back coating, Hard acrylic emulsion for back coating. These Products are branded & marketed as APCRYL series of specialty additives.

In the Textile segment our products are well embraced by many Textile Giants for various applications both in Woven and Non-Woven Categories. The division offers Acrylic Emulsions for Non-Woven, SBR latex for secondary backings of Tufted carpets, SBR latex binder for metalized non woven carpets, specialised SBR latex binder for two coat process of Tufted carpets.

Many other formulated products under the APCRYL series such as Acrylic Thickener & Acrylic Dispersants are also served from APL’s Polymer Division.

With a track record of three decades of committed excellence and assured efficient services we provide customized solutions to our customers & become a channel partner in their growth.

Products served for this industry from all three Divisions of APL

Surfactants Polymers Bulk Chemicals
Foaming Agents Acrylic Emulsion for Tuffeted capet back coating -
Hardners Hard Acrylic emulsion for back coating -
- High Temperature resistant emulsion for moulded carpets -
- Acrylic Emulsion for Non Woven -
- SBR Latex for secondary backing of tufted carpets -
- SBR Latex for binder for metalized paper coating of Non woven carpet -
- SBR Latex for tufted carpets backing of two coat process -
- Acrylic Thickners -
- Acrylic Dispersants -