Surfactant Division

APL ’s Surfactant Division manufactures a complete range of Non-Ionic, Anionic, Cationic and Amphoteric Surfactants, broadly classified under Neat Ethoxylates & Performance chemicals.

This Division primarily caters intermediates & speciality products for Textile, Pharma, Agrochemical, EP Paints, Personal care, Home care, Oil-filed, construction Adhesive & packaging industries.

The team has extensive experience in handling various Reactions like ethoxylation and Propoxylation (EO/PO) Copolymerization, of polyalkylene glycols, esterification, alkylation, sulfonation, phosphation, polymerization, and amidification.

Products manufactured here are eco-friendly, processed with stringent quality norms through state-of-the-art technologies to meet the exact & timely needs of the customers. Apart from standard products we also manufacture formulated blends to match customer specific requirements. Our Advanced Research & development centre is continuously engaged in new-product development to expand our portfolio of products and serve our ever growing customer base.

Presently Surfactant products are manufactured at our APL-Gujrat, Venus Dyechem-Ghaziabad and Anshika Polysurf Roorkee ( UK ) Units.

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Polymer Division

APL is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty performance chemicals being used by a wide variety of small, medium and large industrial manufacturers.

The Coating & construction chemicals segment of APL Product portfolio offers high performance dispersions and specialty additives to architectural coatings and decorative paints, offering a wide portfolio of emulsions, dispersing & wetting agents, rheology modifiers, defoamers, cement modifiers & construction polymers to the industries.

In the Textile segment APL products are well embraced by many Textile Giants for various applications both in Woven and Non-Woven Categories, such as Finishing, Printing, Flocking and Coating. Our efficient Binders and Finishing Chemicals (used in Pigment Printing on the Textiles) bind pigment for durable print with quality and workability, and impart hard/soft feel to the fabric with fullness and durability.

For the Non-Woven segment we offer Chemicals and Binders for Automobile Non- Woven Fabrics, Non-Woven Shoe Fabrics, Non-Woven Filter Fabrics. We engage different types of raw material like polyester, acrylics, nylon, polypropylene and viscose to give our products unmatched and consistent quality.

For the Flocking segment APL manufacture’s high performance Binders to cater to the distinctive needs of clients. These Binders are sprayed on the flocks and give best results after drying.

In the Packaging segment there is a complete range of adhesives that are suitably used in fast growing industries like: Bopp Tape, Wooden Fixing, Bindi, Footwear etc.

Presently Polymer products are manufactured at our APL-Gujrat and Arham Technochem, Roorkee ( UK ) Units.

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Bulk Division

APL ’s Bulk Chemical Division manufactures a complete range Ethyl / Butyl Glycol Ethers & Acetates, and wide range of high & Low aromatic solvents.

The Glycol Ethers & Acetates range of products, cater to the Paints & Coatings, ink, solvent and automotive brake fluid industry.

The high & Low range of aromatic solvents find application in Agrochemical, ink & resin, Paints & coatins, Adhesives, Thinner & Printing Industry.

The Products manufactured at this division exhibit Low odour, Good drying & steeing Power, Good Solvency and are Eco Friendly solvents.

The advanced R&D Centre at Dahej is constantly focused on developing & implementing improvised Processes & techniques to achieve high efficiencies of products & production capabilities. Our Research and development facility is equipped with the latest analytical instruments to meet the stringent quality norms and for development of standard as well as tailor made products to match the requirements of customers. Presently Bulk Chemical Products are manufactured at our APL-Gujrat Unit.

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