Home care

Home Cleaning

APl offers a wide range of Specialty chemicals & performance additives for household cleaning & air care applications. These chemicals are used in formulations of fabric & laundry care Products, hand wash & dish wash Products and formulations of floor cleaners & window cleaners. Our Specialty formulation of Acid thickners and pine-oil emulsifiers are used in toilet cleaning & other home hygiene applications.

Home and Personal Care

Cleaning products used in Home and Personal Care are a result of innovative research & development. APL offers powerful yet cost effective solutions for typically harsh cleaning requirements of this segment. Industrial cleaning agents face challenge of degreasing of floors in workshop areas, removal of stains & unwanted oils. These products are developed as customized products to meet the specific needs of our customers.

A range of products are used from all three divisions, surfactant, Polymer & bulk chemicals, such as Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates, Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates, Poly Ethylene Glycols, Defoamers, Dispersants, Solvents.