Polymer Products

APL is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty performance chemicals being used by a wide variety of small, medium and large industrial manufacturers.

The Coating & construction chemicals segment of APL Product portfolio offers high performance dispersions and specialty additives to architectural coatings and decorative paints, offering a wide portfolio of emulsions, dispersing & wetting agents, rheology modifiers, defoamers, cement modifiers & construction polymers to the industries.

In the Textile segment APL products are well embraced by many Textile Giants for various applications both in Woven and Non-Woven Categories, such as Finishing, Printing, Flocking and Coating. Our efficient Binders and Finishing Chemicals (used in Pigment Printing on the Textiles) bind pigment for durable print with quality and workability, and impart hard/soft feel to the fabric with fullness and durability.

For the Non-Woven segment we offer Chemicals and Binders for Automobile Non- Woven Fabrics, Non-Woven Shoe Fabrics, Non-Woven Filter Fabrics. We engage different types of raw material like polyester, acrylics, nylon, polypropylene and viscose to give our products unmatched and consistent quality.

For the Flocking segment APL manufacture’s high performance Binders to cater to the distinctive needs of clients. These Binders are sprayed on the flocks and give best results after drying.

In the Packaging segment there is a complete range of adhesives that are suitably used in fast growing industries like: Bopp Tape, Wooden Fixing, Bindi, Footwear etc.

Presently Polymer products are manufactured at our APL-Gujrat and Arham Technochem, Roorkee ( UK ) Units.

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For Paints Segment

Product Description
APCOT - SAC 5058 50% Premium Styrene Acrylic Co-Polymeric Emulsion for Premium Interior & Exterior Paints with good scrub & excellent water resistance.
APCOT - SAC 5050 50% Environment friendly very fine particle sized Styrene Acrylic Co-Polymer Emulsion suitable for Interior Paints with good durability.
APCOT - SAC 4550 45% Economical Styrene Acrylic Co-polymer Emulsion with fine particle size containing APEO free emulsifiers most suitable for texture & high PVC interior paints.
APCOT - PAC 2525 Environment friendly premium Pure Acrylic fine particle sized emulsion suitable for interior paints, containing APEO free.
APCOT - PAC 5544 55% High Solids Pure Acrylic Polymer Emulsion that gives tough film good for Interior satin and semi-gloss paint.
APCOT - SAR 5090 All Acrylic Co-polymer Emulsion containing Styrene that gives superior sheen and durable finish specially in exterior and road marking paint.
APCOT - SAC 5529 Premium Styrene Acrylic Co-Polymeric Emulsion for premium Interior & Exterior paints with good scrub & excellent water resistance suitable for all type of Emulsions.
APCOT - VA 2121 Vinyl Acetate Veova Co-polymer Emulsion for high weather / Alkali resistant paints for Interior & Exterior.
APCOT - VB 6061 Distempers & Interior paints with medium PVC.
APCOT - VB 5560 Plastic Emulsion paint with good gloss.
APCOT - PAS 4004 High Tg Styrene, Acrylic & MMA ter polymer emulsion to produce paints with high sheen & good dirt pickup resistance.
APCOT - BSP 261 50% Premium Pure Acrylic Emulsion for Premium Interior & Exterior Paints with good scrub & excellent water resistance.
APCOT - BSEP 7183 Acrylic Co Polymer emulsion designed for formulating high performance Elastomeric Coating, Good Dirt Pick Up resistance Crack filling ability.
APCOT - EPA 838 Pure Acrylic Emulsion designed for formulating high performance. Elastomeric Paints suitable for Exterior wall coating.
APCOT - PA 5013 Pure Acrylic / APEO Free / Water resistant / Clear Film / For Terrace Coating / Transparent coating for China Mosaic , Curing Agent, Transparent coating for paver blocks.
APCOT - PA 3513 Economy Pure Acrylic Binder for specialty transparent polymer coating designed for waterproofing of terrace with china mossaic, it can be also used as Curing Agent.
APCOT - OP 621 OPAQUE Binder used as partial replacement of TiO2, gives good hiding power.
APCRYL - AT 600 Acrylic thickener in “situ”. Diluted thickener (preferably 1:5) has to be added to the base at lower pH under constant stirring & then pH has to be increased to above 8 to get required thickening.
APCRYL - HAT 700 Rheological Additive based on hydrophobically modified alkali swellable emulsions. It gives good anti settling property, retains gloss, improves scrub.
APCRYL - AD 805 Acrylic Dispersant for inorganic pigment.
APCRYL - 2022 This is pre neutralized Ammonium Poly Acrylate Thickener, can be added after proper dilution slowly under stirring to the base. This product can also replace CMC/HEC thickeners while making distempers.

For Construction Segment

Product Description
APCON - CWB 401 Acrylic cement modifier for spray able & patching mortars yielding flexible coating with high solid content.
APCON - CWB 37 Acrylic Co-polymer cement modifier for spray able & patching mortars yielding coating with tough & durable finish for superior water proofing.
APCON - CWB 900 Acrylic Cement Modifier for flexible waterproofing.
APCON - 2KGRP APCON 2KGRP is cementitious powder which is used in two component modified acrylic based cemetitious waterproof coating system.
APCON - CWB 925 Acrylic Co-polymer emulsion binder for two component modified acrylic based mortar for waterproof coating system.
APCON - BSC 7400 APEO Free Acrylic Co-polymer emulsion for two component flexible water proofing, Tile Addesive, Patch Repair Works.

For Carpet Segment (Non-Woven & Tuffeted)

Product Description
APCARE BSBC - 7000 APEO Free styrene acrylic copolymer emulsion for soft third backing & anti stick application.
APCARE BSBC - 7001 APEO Free styrene acrylic copolymer emulsion for soft third backing.
APCARE BSBC - 7146 Speciality acrylic copolymer used for soft secondary and tertiary packaging of tufted carpet, excellent tufat lock performance.
APCARE BSBC - 7144 Speciality acrylic copolymer used for medium stiff secondary and tertiary packaging of tufted carpet, excellent tufat lock performance.
APCARE - 8111 Acrylic Co-polymer emulsion for secondary and tertiary backing on tufted carpet.
APCARE - 2001 Acrylic Co-polymer emulsion economy binder for carpet application.
APCARE - 7511 Acrylic Co-polymer emulsion for medium stiff secondery backing.
APCARE - BC 6180 Hard Binder for back coating of non-woven carpet.
APCARE - 9040 Economical soft binder for back coating carpet.
APCARE - 4540 Medium soft polymer binder For carpet back coating.
APCARE - 4580 Hard binder for back coating of hand tufted carpet.

For Textile Segment

Product Description
APCRYL KTS Eco Friendly Superior Pigment Printing Binder
APCRYL VLN Pigment Printing Binder
APCRYL 440 High Viscosity High quality Soft Binder
APCRYL TK40 Economical Thick Binder
APCRYL 904 Self thickning cross link Acrylic Binder
APCOL GB-100 Premium Gold Printing Binder
APCRYL Print Polytex Ready Khadi for Printing
APFIX-871 Cross Linking Fixer for Printing/Flocking
APCOL-500 Poly Vinyl Acetate Emulsion for textile finish
APCOL-450 Poly Vinyl Acetate Emulsion for textile finish
APCOL-5020/5055 Co-Polymer Emulsion with Plasticizer for body & soft handle in textile finish
APCOL-MB Plus Copolymer with Plasticizer & PVA Emulsion
APCOL- 400 Unplastisized PVA Emulsion Economical
APCOL Finish FB460 Finishing Agent for Textile
APCOL Acrytex Finishing Agent for Textile

For Flocking Segment

Product Description
APCRYL (FL) 81 Non-yellowing fast drying softest Binder
APCRYL (FL) 91 Soft Acrylic Flock Binder for PVC & Cotton
APCRYL (FL) 909 Very High Performance Soft Binder

For Paper Segment

Product Description
APCRYL PAP 990 Clay Coating Binder Gloss & Adhesion
APCRYL PAP 890 Clay Coating Binder for General Purpose

For Packaging & Miscellaneous segments

Product Description
APCRYL -AD 1119 Premium Binder for High Speed Cigratte side Seam Adhesive
APCRYL -AD 5200 Speciality adhesive for Varnished Cartons & Flaps
APCRYL BTA 2214 Premium Adhesive For BOPP Tapes
APCRYL PF 2215 Protective film Adhesive
APCRYL LA 361 Lamination Adhesive for Premium Lamination Jobs
APCRYL AD-2304 Sticker Adhesive with excellent Peel Strength
APCRYL ADR-104 Premium Synthetic Adhesive for Rubber, shoe Foam bonding in Upholstery
APCRYL ADB-106 Bindi Adhesive
APCRYL ADF 2835 Specially for Sole Fixing in Footwear