Oilfield & Lubricants Industry

APl manufactures a wide variety of surfactants and chemicals used in different applications, by formulators of finished oilfield products and major oilfield service companies.

Our products are used throughout the oil production process in a variety of applications such as: Demulsifiers, Pour Point Depressants, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, drilling additives, Biocides, Antiscalents etc. These products are designed to specific needs which vary from field to field, which requires expertise in tailor made product development, specialized technologies, Large-scale manufacturing & distribution network.


These are used for treatment of crude upstream for separation of impurities such as water, heavy salts, wax etc. These Products are Resin Alkoxylates, Polyetheramines, Co-block polymer of castor, fatty Alcohol, Propoxylate Fatty amine, Fatty Acid, Linear Alcohol Ethoxylates and Blends of Amine & Alcohol Ethoxylates. The right combination of these products to make a demulsifier depends on Crude properties and filed conditions which make the product customized for each specific field.


Bactericides are especially used in water injection and produce water treatment where the impurities are separated and bacteria multiplication is avoided so that the water can be reused without any harm and does not degrade the crude quality. These products are formulated through a combination of Quaternary compounds, Fatty acid ethoxylates, glute and THPS based compounds.

Pour Point Depressants

Pour Point Depressants (PPD’s) are critical components that prevent wax fractions in the base oil from forming large crystal networks which inhibit lubricant flow at cold temperatures. APL offers a range of PPDs based on Polymethacrylate and Styrene Ester chemistries that are extremely versatile for virtually all lubricant formulations.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitor chemicals are injected at the level of well head, Gas extraction columns, Pipeline header etc. Based on customers process requirements it is pumped along with gas/ oil / oil & gas into the pipeline so as to provide a thin protective film on the metal surface that inhibits the reaction of corroding compounds such as acids, oxygen and saline water with the metal surface and thereby protects the oil field assets from the Corrosion attack. The corrosion inhibitor products are a combination of esters of Fatty Alcohols and amines, imidazolines, their Salt, Quaternary Ammonium Compound, & Amides mixed in right proportion and formulated as per the local requirement of each Oil and Gas field.

Scale Inhibitors

These are the oilfield chemicals similar like corrosion inhibitors and are injected at the level of well head, Gas extraction columns, Pipeline headers etc. so as to avoid the scale formation in the oilfield installations. Scale inhibitors mainly protect the crude carrying pipelines, well casing, crude processing facilities and produce water handling equipment’s from heavy scaling due to the scale forming salts present in the crude and produce water.These products are usually a single or a combination of polyphosphonates, phosphoric acids, Phosphate Esters, Polyetheramines, Amine Phosphates and acrylic acid mainly useful for scale prevention and protection of oilfield assets.

Apart from The above APL also manufactures DEFOAMERS which are based on Polyols, Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates chemistries, DEGREASERS which are based on Alkylether Methyl Blends, Sulfonates, leniar Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid chemistries.

Polymer Division at APL offers SPECIALIZED SOLVENTS like Propylene Carbonate, Glycol Ethers and other Glycol-based Solvents for the Oilfield Industry and Brake fluids & Glycol Ethers for Lubricants for Automotive Industry.

Products served for this industry from all three Divisions of APL

Surfactants Polymers Bulk Chemicals
PEG's Dispersants Ethylene Glycol Mono Butyl Ether
Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates De-foamers Specialized solvents
EO/PO Copolymers PPD's Brake Fluids
Amine Ethoxylates De-greasers Lubricants for Automotive Industry
Demulsifier oil base - -
Corrosion Inhibitors - -
Scale Inhibitors - -
Demulsifier water base - -
Low temperature Demulsifiers - -